How to Use the Change Study Session Date Tool

How to Use the Change Study Session Date Tool

Sometimes, you might want to change the date of a particular Data Collection session, such as  if you accidentally collected data on the wrong date. Or perhaps you need to erase an entire session which had been entered in error. The administrative tool Change Study Session Date makes both of these possible. Here’s how to use it:

1. From the main menu, press Administrative Tools. Note: You will only be able to utilize these tools if you have the admin role enabled for your user profile.

2. Find the Change Study Session Date tool and press [Start].

3. Choose the study for which you want the date changed from the drop-down menu.

4. Once you have selected a study, you can see each session for which data has been collected for that study. From here, you can enter a new session date or also delete sessions. First, we’ll change the date for a session. To do this, highlight the session you want to alter and write a new date under the New Time column. When you’ve finished, press [Apply], then [Close] and the change will be applied.

5. If you open that study in Review Data, you can see the change was applied: the study date is now Day 13 rather than Day 14.

As you can see, the date was successfully changed. However, there is a study date that starts far outside the study timeline, which should probably be deleted.

6. If we return to the Change Study Session Date Tool, this date can be easily deleted. Select the study again from the menu and then check the box under the delete column for that session date. Press [Apply] and [Close] and the session date will be deleted.

7. When the study is viewed in Review Data, you can see the date has been deleted.

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